Where to find me in 2018

I research, write, and talk about web performance and its impact on user behaviour and business metrics. I’ve spoken at events such as Velocity, IRCE, Shop.org, and Smashing Conference. If you’d like me to speak at your event, drop me a line: tammy.everts@ignoreme-gmail.com.

May 10-11
The hunt for the unicorn performance metric
at DeltaV London

June 11-14
Co-chair at O’Reilly Fluent (San Jose)

September 10-11
The small things that add up: How to find the design factors that influence conversion rates
at SmashingConf Freiburg

November 7
How to create a performance-first culture
at WebPerfDays Amsterdam

November 8-9
How I learned to stop worrying and love UX metrics
at performance.now() Amsterdam